Do you need an air conditioner in Colorado Springs?

Ah, we’re in the dog-days of summer – which, after having been in the sweltering 100º heat and humidity in Kansas recently, doesn’t feel quite so bad.  But, it still gets pretty warm in Colorado Springs, and we’ve hit 90º several times in the past few weeks.

People moving from other parts of the country may be surprised to learn that most homes in Colorado Springs don’t have air conditioners.  When we first moved here, we bought our home in the winter, figuring that since almost no one has AC, it must not be necessary.

Well, call us wimps, but we think they’re a necessity – inside temperatures of 80+ degrees are just a bit too warm for us.

do houses in colorado springs need AC air conditioner summer temperature weather

Amazingly enough, most of the people that I know that have air conditioners don’t use them much if at all.  So, I thought I’d do a poll to see how people in Colorado Springs feel about air conditioning – surely someone out there thinks they’re as necessary as we do!

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Now, whether or not you need AC in Colorado Springs is going to vary widely by more than just preference – homes in northern El Paso County (such as Monument, Black Forest, etc) are much less likely to have or need AC.

The altitude keeps the temperatures lower than, say, areas near south Colorado Springs, like Fountain, where you’re more likely to find a higher percentage of homes with AC.  And of course, if you have south facing windows with no shade, your house will heat up more than if your windows are north facing.

The great thing about Colorado Springs is that afternoon thunderstorms regularly roll in over the mountains, bringing a cool breeze and usually cools things off quite a bit, especially if you live west of I-25, where you’re more likely to receive more rain.

It also cools down quite a bit at night, so if you leave the windows open for awhile and use fans to circulate the air, you can usually cool your house down at night so it doesn’t get so hot during the day.  Still, we are totally fans of air conditioning, even in a beautiful climate like Colorado Springs!