Great sledding hills in the Pikes Peak region

Snow has been slow to come to the Springs this year, but you can bet as soon as we get a few inches people are going to be looking for the best sledding spots in town.  Will it be this weekend?  Maybe, maybe…

sledding hills in Monument and Colorado Springs

The “official” list of parks with sledding areas, from Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation:

Broadmoor Bluffs Park, 5315 Farthing Dr 80906
Madison Park, 2112 North Murray Blvd. 80909
Katherine O Neal Marriage Park, 2320 Amberwood Ln 80920
Mountain Shadows Park, 5151 Flying W Ranch Rd 80919
Van Diest Park, 1520 South Chelton Rd 80910
Village Green Park, 3590 Carefree Circle North 80917
Wasson Park, 1910 North Circle Dr 80919
Woodstone Park, 1315 Carlson Dr. 80919
Cottonwood Creek Park, 7040 Rangewood Dr 80918
Quail Lake Park, 915 Cheyenne Mountain Blvd.  80906

The “unofficial” list of sledding areas gathered from locals:

There’s a hill behind the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at 30 W. Dale St.

If you’re willing to pay the fee to drive up the mountain, you can sled , snowboard, or ski down the old Pikes Peak ski area on  Pikes Peak Highway.  Personally I think this sounds like loads of fun – the first time.  This is a pretty long hill to be climbing up after each sledding run!

Another free favorite is a steep bowl off Rampart Range Road (four miles north of US 24 on Baldwin St in Woodland Park).

A few schools are purported to have good sledding hills: Howbert Elementary School, Trailblazer Elementary School, Jenkins Middle School, and Timberview Middle School.

And in Monument there’s Toboggan Hill at Deer Creek Rd and Toboggan Hill Rd 80132.  With a name like that, how can it not be a good hill?

Me?  I think the perfect spot would be a long, steep, treeless hill.  With a rope tow.  Maybe a hot chocolate stand somewhere close.  For free.  Anybody know where we have that in Colorado Springs?