What To Do When You Have A Showing

Congrats!  Your house is on the market!  You  might have gone to a lot of work to get here (we did – here’s the whirlwind of projects we did before we sold our own home in 2013), but hang tight – you’re almost done.  Now you just need to be ready for showings.

We shared some overall tips on how to keep your home show-ready here, but here’s a general checklist of what you should do when you actually have a showing:

  • Turn on all lights (closets, hallway, garage, lamps, accent lights – everywhere!)
  • Open all interior doors except for closets
  • Turn ceiling fans on low
  • Turn on AC if it’s summer; make it warm in the winter
  • Open the blinds/curtains and show off the views if you have any
  • Close toilet lids
  • Open shower curtains
  • Turn off TV and radio (soft, calm music is ok)
  • Unlock storm door
  • Remove pets
  • Remove vehicles from driveway and street in front of home
  • Tidy any lawn furniture or toys outside (front and back both)
  • Leave the house 10-15 minutes before showing is scheduled

(Note: these are general guidelines – please ask Jeremy or our stager about how to handle nuances in your home, such as an undesirable view out a window.)